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Wednesday, 2 October 2013


When you live with painted solid floors there is a certain point in autumn when walking around barefoot is no longer an option. The cold creeps up through the souls of your feet into your bones, slippers and socks become a daily must but a rug or two about the place is also a nice home comfort.

My search for the perfect rugs are eternal. I may find a pattern that I love but the size is all wrong and there are many that have stolen my heart but are just not in my budget especially with small children, wayward pigs paying the odd visit and the fact that I like to swap and change things so often.  I do favour natural materials such as coir and sisal as they are pretty hard wearing and I can take them outside & hose them down when needs be, these are my favourite ones are from One Village. They are pretty useless in the kitchen though especially for a messy cook such as myself and squished in food is a devil to shift.

My rug of choice for the kitchen would be a huge dandycord mat, those hard wearing woven plastic rugs that everyone had at their back door in the 1950's. They are ace because you can give them a good scrub and hose them down, I have a smallish one but haven't been successful in my search for anything larger.

With the days going shorter and the inevitable chill due to set in I decided to make a huge floorcloth for the kitchen. I have made a few smaller rugs and there is indeed a 'how to' in our book granny chic so I decided to think on a room size scale.

To keep it simple a simple painted canvas is what I have opted for. In order to get the width I bought a slightly lighter cotton as it was the wider than my usual canvas and I didn't want any seams or joins.

Its really important to prep your fabric as cotton such as this as it comes untreated and a piece this size wasn't up for being crammed in the washing machine. Hoisted up on the washing line I sponged it down with really hot water and left it there to dry.

Hemmed and corners mitred the only place I could lay it flat was the kitchen floor, tres tricky as the kitchen would be out of bounds for a few days but needs must. Then came the painting. I had toyed with leaving it in its natural cream colour and just varnishing but I felt that the weave was quite raised and a couple of coats of paint would help smooth things out. A rustle about in the paint stash came up with a couple of litres of emulsion called 'sugar snap' a rather nice turquoise green that I had bought in a DIY store closing down sale....but never really found its 'right place'. I got started.... hmmmm halfway in I knew it wasn't going to be but I ploughed on and hoped it would dry quickly so I could rid myself of this colour crime.

For some reason I seem to have really taken a dislike to too much colour in the house. Maybe its my age as the years start to tick away, a bit like my aversion to noise and any kind of tom foolery but pale neutral colours are the ones for me and sugar snap was not going to have its day, just the time it took to dry.

Many coats of varnish later and a handy dandy squirt of silicone sealant in strips across the base to stop it shifting about or indeed anyone breaking their necks the kitchen could be put back to rights and proper dinners were back on the more beans on toast.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


For those of you that follow my twitter or instagram feeds will know about my rather insane mission that seemed such a good idea on a perfectly relaxed Sunday evening to remove the formica that had been added to my old pine kitchen table. Not by me I may add but sometime in the distant past around the 1960’s


In the end a butter knife was my saviour strong and flexible it was able to slide under the edge of the formica & snap it off one chip at a time…

Unfortunately there was a residue left by the 40 year old evostick residue….my goodness what on earth did they put in the glue back then it was as solid as a few sheets of coarse sandpaper later progress was indeed being made…




A quick wash down and once it was dry a coating of olive oil (I always use olive oil to nourish my kitchen wood so I don’t have to worry about food prep)



So there we have it the story of the kitchen table but do not fear other tables of the formica persuasion I shall not be chipping away at your fine tops as you were indeed designed that way…this table was indeed a charlatan and is far happier restored to its former glory…

I also have the tale of the painted floors to tell but as of late there has been no light suitable for pictures and I have in fact been in the most grumpiest of moods which often renders me unable to do anything slightly creative!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


There has been much pondering about kitchen shelves for a while now....

I am not the (cheap) fitted kitchens biggest fan especially not in a house with damp wonky walls but there is nothing I can do about it as I am a mere tennant so I will just  have to get on with it!

I do however like to see my various collections out on display, just hanging around, chatting about the weather & looking rather nifty....therefore I needed more shelves

I have considered various options, a value pine cube unit from B&Q painted in a shade of my favoiurite Farrow & Ball...what I really wanted were some old crates but most I could find were £40 +, what for a manky old chance

So somewhere else in the house had to suffer,
 surely I must have something that would do nicely
Ahh yes but now there is a room with piles of homeless stuff just hanging around.....
Good job I'm collecting a wardrobe & tallboy on Friday but heavens knows how I am going to get both of them in the car....maybe I'll just send Keith ;)