Two Bohemian friends, ladies of a certain age, separated by a pond but brought together in the spirit of friendship & by the love of all things granny. With a nod to the women of days gone by who would send postcards to their pen friends, regaling little moments in their day to day lives. We are continually inspiring each other, sharing our thrifty finds, plotting & planning about crafty type activities.....this little blog is a record of our chats, cranky ideas & a little reminder of what has been, as forgetfulness starts to come knocking at the door


Why Panini? Isn't it a rather nice cooked sandwich, why yes it is and i must confess to owning such a panini maker courtesy of my man and the gift he gave to me upon turning 40. I must also confess to being a tad 'not happy' about my gift, but as the years have past my panini maker has become the most loved kitchen appliance amongst my clan and i felt it most fitting as my dear friend from across the pond turned 40 and received a bernina sewing machine for her spiffy day, that it only apt we become 'bernina and panini'

about me... i've been misplaced abroad in suburbia for near on 12 years. 4 years ago i moved myself and my clan to a rather odd looking mock tudor house we like to call Mossy Shed. Whilst i bide my time till my nomadic soul is allowed to move on, i will continue upon the righteous and goodly handcrafted and secondhand path i carry in my head and my heart


Why Bernina? Isn't it a rather spiffy sewing machine, one known for its hardiness & faultless service over the years.....well yes it is and for reasons only known to herself my dear Panini thought it apt for my pen name on this little blog and the fact that when we were hatching this plan my trusty old friend who have sewn with me through thick & thin over 28 yrs had finally been retired and replaced with a newer model. So in honour of my 1030 I shall be otherwise known here as Bernina....

So what about me.....I live in a ramshackle farmhouse in Rural Yorkshire with a menagerie of various types...children, pigs, bees, chickens dogs & cats are to name a few. I am an itchy fidget which means there is often change at our abode as you will no doubt notice as the blog unfolds.

Well cheerio for now, be seeing you all soon xx


  1. found you and Maude today-- I had to post on my facebook The Trailer Gal - hope you didnt mind!

  2. Hi my friend bought me your new book. Its brilliant! You and Dottie have inspired us to consider a business venture in the crafting world. the bonus is that it finally gives me a valid reason to visit Charity shops daily!!. Thanks, Herbi aka Seasidegal65


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