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  1. Hello Ted&Agnes,
    I so wanted to have a gander around your shop but am having a little(well big actually)problem,my computer will not load your shop page. I have pleaded with her but no she will not do it. So was wondering if anyone else is having this happening?
    Was so wanting to purchase a pattern as I am a newbee to making clothes but really feel I can do it with a little help,or perhaps a lot.
    So looking forward to hearing from you.
    Debbie x

  2. Hi do you still have the dog dolly just my jack/whippet has just died we had him for 16 years the resemblance is amazing and was wanting to know if you are or was thinking about breeding i would love a pup

    1. HI Jonny
      Sorry but Dolly has been spayed and to be honest I wouldn't breed from her anyway especially as there are so many dogs out there needing homes and someone to love. Maybe you should check out your local dog rescue.

  3. Hi thanks for the reply such a shame i will have a look around do you know we're dolly came from i would love another such great dogs if you could send me a link or have a look that would be great thanks

  4. Hi Ted and Agnes,you do some great work I love how you dress and I love the clogs they are fab,I love vintage finds even though it is quiet difficult to implement in my own house when you have a husband who likes new stuff to my dismay haha ,but I get great joy and inspiration from the work you have done on this website,I made a rag doll for my daughter ,and I want to try my hand at lady sanitary napkins has find the plastic ones a waste of money and not very environmentally friendly ,I to have had problems with depression over the years I chose not to go on medication because I did not like the feeling of not having control over my thoughts ,I have had depression on and off for 20 years after my third child I had it really bad with abosolutely horrible feelings and thoughts and it took me several months of crying everyday to work out it was just thoughts and not me,I still get these thoughts but now I tell them to bugger off and leave me alone then I feel better again or a good cry always helps but do what you have to do to cope what works for you ..I hope to see great things on your website again soon charmayne

  5. your blog is a delight.from hesta

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  7. hello hello...I keep checking to see if you have any new blog posts as I found you recently and love everything you do. There does not seem to be any new blogs for several weeks...or am I just not getting access to them?? I love your clothes and your thinking and all you do! I live in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and you is my peeps! (my people)!!

  8. Hello. Recently found this page of all the lovely things you do. Inquiring as to how you finished Maude's ceiling. Is that fabric, paint, paper? Whatever it is, it looks fabulous.


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