I like to collect things..... I have no more room in the house, shed, cellar or boot of the car in which to store these treasures....I do not want to stop collecting things and they should be on display, used & cared for so it seems right to find new places for them..
or move to a bigger house with a barn....and a nissan hut......oh & space for a caravan to fill with clutter


AGNES was a formindable woman she liked what she liked, never wore a dress twice to one of her 'do's' & the cabinet was full of the bestest china...she cooked proper food on an aga, ran a boarding house & knitted fancy stitches.
TED on the other hand didn't like children much & was rather grumpy but he did like to collect all manner of things...a pearl in an oyster shell in a cracked jar of briney fluid & a tarantula surrounded by butterfly wings..a source of wonder & delight for a nosey young lady..

THE love of junk & hoarding made its way down from father to son and then to grand-daughter..doing my apprenticeship trudging round boot fairs, junk shops & the dreaded 'auto-jumble' in the rain.
 Sometimes a thing is beyond saving so it becomes something else...a bag, apron, cosy to warm your teapot, a cushion to rest your weary head but it takes its place in the cycle and continues its journey..