Sunday, 8 June 2014


a good old radish named violet and planted by a wee girl with the same name

for 28 crunching or chewing, no cheesy goodness or my favourite crisps. Not even one cup of tea. Just glasses of various coloured elixir sipped through a brightly coloured straw.

I have been pondering a bit of a detox since I came off the old pills. Feeling that I really wanted to give my mind & body a good old clean up. I have always been a lover of fresh healthy food but would often settle for a take away when tired & grumpy after a taxing day knowing that I couldn't face cooking. I don't even like take away food and knew that it would make me feel more sluggish & slug like but those few minutes of ease whilst munching and knowing that there wasn't going to be a huge kitchen mess made it an easy & lazy decision.

So after being inspired by 'sick, fat and nearly dead' a film by Joe Cross and the new film by Jason Vale 'Superjuice Me' it was decided that we would embark on a 28 day super juice program to give ourselves a right go clean up on the insides.

It wasn't about shedding pounds but losing 22lbs has been a wonderful bonus, it has been about washing away the toxic overload that had built up inside. Rebooting as Joe Cross likes to put it and resetting some of those trod and worn neural pathways in the brain that make us reach for the easy option one too many times.

spirulina....the wonder green
We have been through 3 juicers on this journey and have now settled with a upright masticating juicer...the optimum 400 which is the bestest best we have used. Along with my favourite piece of gadgetry in the kitchen my omiblend interestingly enough both excellent machines, both made in Australia both have hugely over priced fancy alternatives.

So today is day 29 we are carrying on juicing twice a day and will eat one meal, hopefully as raw as possible with some meat or fish....tonight we are having Salmon and I am licking my lips already.

homegrown wheatgrass...

I had hoped to feel elated and over joyed along with a feeling of huge achievement but to be honest I feel crazy lost. Pondering my direction and where I want to go next. I have a few projects to finish off and then who knows. Everything I loved my crafting & stitching and faffing about has become so saturated in everything, everywhere I look its in my face and I almost feel smothered by it. I am surprised by my reaction because I always thought I would be overjoyed by this prospect and can't fathom out why I am not. I hope this will pass but it again urges me onwards to simplify everything and get right back to basics and just tread the path of day to day.


  1. What an amazing and inspiring journey! Which program did you use? Well done Miss Rachelle! :-)

  2. Can't wait to see how gorgeous you look in the flesh - you look fab in the photos. Looks like the cleansing has had an effect on more than just your weight. Am sure you will find your way soon x

  3. I just watched the film by Joe Cross, really inspiring, thank you. Good luck, Heather X

  4. Wow, Ms Agnes.
    Terrific achievement. I adopted a virtual vegan diet trying to fix a chronic injury and I'm gobsmacked to read about how you're feeling about your craft life.
    Me too.
    I cant stand to walk into my studio and also feel burdened by the mere sight of it.
    I hope it's a phase, too,

    but me thinks radical changes have happened to the body/mind and some things just aren't ever going to be the same. Like my thighs. Thank goodness.

  5. What an achievement.
    Just bask in the glory for a while and be kind to yourself x

  6. Wow! Rachelle, what a journey, what an achievement. Good on you! I doubt very much that I could do it. Did the children do it too? I am busy pumping myself with alsorts of stuff to combat a very nasty winter lurgy. Hope your mojo for creative activities comes back soon. Love and blessings, Trills.xx

  7. 22lbs bonus indeed,now maybe you need a holiday ???

    D x


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