Monday, 24 March 2014


The last few weeks have been a time of pondering and collecting thoughts. I have started writing a post or two and then drifted off to some other pressing matter and nothing seemed to feel right or fit. But this morning I awoke to a nippy day but the sky was bright blue and I skipped out of bed, yes skipped not dragging my tired body from under the warm duvet and another round of some ridiculously stupid game involving fruits.


  • The book is written other than one last photoshoot and the editing I can clear my mind of that and finish up the 3rd one.
  • I am re-opening my online shop very soon...finally all those lovely emails I have received have worn down my resolve but I will be doing things rather differently this time which will include no custom orders. I am just not organised enough ;)
  • Since Christmas I have only taken 3 anti depressants this was the final stage of the tapering off and I have been completely free of medication for 2 months this feels like such a great achievement and I will write more about it later in case it could help any of you that contacted me before or indeed anyone fighting with the dreaded depression.
  • I finally saved enough to get my high speed blender so be prepared to be bored with all sorts of interesting concoctions and recipes.
  • My Stitching Rooms dream has been put on hold because I just can't find the right premises and I really can't waste any more time going to meetings or looking. When the time is right something perfect will pop up and it will be go go go.
  • There has been much planting & plotting, measuring and sketching in my head and plans are afoot to press on with the garden. A promise that I make every year and something comes along and throws a spanner in the works. My main goal for this year is to get a flatish space created to pitch the bell tent for the kids (and me) to camp out in over the summer. 
Well my friends its good to be back and hope to be in the back into the flow of things soon....


  1. So glad you're back Rachelle, and in a happy place too! You've achieved so much, you really need to give yourself a good, firm pat on the back. Can't wait for the book and to have a look around your shop too

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Good Morning Rachelle

    It's always lovely to read a post from you. Sadly I am very much a morning person, and unless the knees are a bit creaky then I am very much a jump-out-of-bed-er .... much to the annoyance of the boyfriend and the cat (who has been kicked off the bottom of the bed more times than he likes to think about!! This morning is truly glorious isn't it. Super sun shiny and bright...
    We also have good intentions every year regarding our garden... this is the year that I have promised myself that I am going to re-grow borlotti beans and also try my hand again at growing hollyhocks.

  3. Hello Rachelle,
    It's so lovely to see you back here! I so very much enjoy your blog and missed you from here! I'm very excited to seeing your new book!
    Anna xx

  4. it all sounds like a wonderful fresh start, just in time for spring
    best of luck to you and thanks for the lovely blog

  5. Hi Rachelle!...Love reading your blogs....and so much of what you say sounds like "me"!!....glad your form is good now....looking forward to reading your blogs again...Liz xx

  6. Congratulations on all your achievements. Really amazing. And I adore the photograph, your blog always feels very homely.

  7. Lots of positives there lovely one! Hip, hip hoorayyyyyyy from me! x

  8. Good to have you back! Very wish choice with the Stitching Rooms - these things can be neither rushed nor forced.
    Oh, and really well done getting off the anti-depressants; that's a huge achievement. Tonia

  9. So good to have you back, it is like the sun has come out again!
    we really need you you know, all those handy tips and inspiring makes, lost when you are not glad it is not just me that is amazed when there is actually a day albeit wake up and not be tired.
    D x

  10. Glad to read you're back on track.
    Sometimes life throws you curve ball and finding solutions and balance can be trying.
    Can hardly wait to be pottering and puttering here too although it may be weeks away.

  11. I will look forwards to reading Country Living with you in it. I live in France and surprisingly it's the one thing I can't do without. I am back in to visit my parents in April and I collect a pile of 6 months worth that I have to drag back on Eurostar. It's great hearing about your achievements. I picked up my paint brushes 5 years ago to make this the creative focus for my life. I do collect things from junk sales and I am a keen gardener, like you. I live in a very cut off part of France so without blogs like yours I feel totally lost. So you do make a difference to my life and because I know I'm not alone and this makes me happy.

  12. I am very happy you are feeling better, sometimes creative people have extremely sensitive natures and can make life harder in some ways. But we couldn't want to change because creativity is such a beautiful gift.
    Kind wishes

  13. Welcome back! I have missed reading your musings and seeing your beautiful home in your pics.

  14. Bet I know which blender you're saving for, mine was a Chrissy present, love it...called it "Eric".
    Looking forward to seeing your recipes, you'll never enjoy the boxed stuff again!
    Love your blog and book

  15. Cheers to you weaning off the anti-depressants. I've done the same recently. I'm very grateful for the help they gave me, but it's time to move on to different things.

  16. I love your blog and seeing pictures of your lovely home. Can't wait for the new book and you just might have persuaded me to renew my Country Living subscription! Missed the one with your feature but know someone who will have it, Good luck with everything you this year and I hope you can manage to find a happy balance between what you need and what your adoring audience wants! Xx


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