Tuesday, 12 February 2013


We don't do lent but we do do pancakes to welcome back spring....

we are all about the lemon & sugar here...what about you?


  1. Lemon & sugar for me too, but it has to be the stuff out of the bottle, not a freshly squeezed lemon! Girls are heathens and prefer chocolate spread!

  2. I've just made lemon and sugar pancakes for three hungry little ones and one hungry big one. Then they all tried one with chocolate spread which if grubby faces mean anything they went down well :)

  3. Lemon and sugar all the way! Your sugar bowl brings back memories, we had a set of them in the 60's, I have a feeling you had to collect coupons for them, my Mam was very thrifty! Does anyone else remember, where they came from? I'm thinking there may be a connection with washing powder, seems to ring a bell, but doesn't make much sense!

    Enjoy your pancakes

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Lemon and sugar, or nutella and banana! I grew up having lemon and sugar on my french toast too! :)

  5. Lemon and sugar, and maple syrup for a change. We do do Lent!

  6. YES! Ive had alot of pancakes the last couple of days, but my favourite, the way my gran used to make them every year, pancakes (crepes) with lemon sugar and cinnamon. I would have about 10 and feel so happy inside! Try the cinnamon, its soo good! Glad others have it the way I did!


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