Friday, 22 February 2013


Despite nearly driving me to an early grave today, computers stealing my hard written words & pictures and putting them in place I did not want them to be the TED & AGNES FROCK SHOP has opened its doors and a new adventure has begun.

Each item will be completely unique, designed, totally handmade, stitched and finished by me...the designs have been lovingly sketched and transferred to patterns in sizes 8 - 22. Most will be made to order as using vintage & repurposed fabric there will rarely be more than one or 2 skirts available in a particular design but there will be a few ready made items on the site....just a few as I have no illusions of grandeur or to strut my stuff on dragons den I just have a simple desire to stitch lovely things and to teach others to do the same..

I have started the collection with a simple A-line skirt which flatters all manner of folk and I will shortly be launching a most perfect GRANNY CHIC frock to be worn with pride along with your clogs of purpose & rose tined specs.

Exciting times ahead as I offer my sewing patterns for sale alongside the workshops I will be running...for those of you unable to join me here in studio there will be online video's to take you through each step of the snipping & pinning & stitchery which you will be able to access once you have purchased the pattern, obviously there won't be any delicious cake or posh coffee.

So do have a gander around the shop and please do contact me if you have any burning questions that simply must be


  1. Hi really love your book.Its inspired me.x loving the cushion may have to order it x

  2. this is sounding very exciting, have had a dabble at dress making but it really does hurt my brain! so would be very interested in your patterns and an online guide, sounds the bee knees :-) your skirts are beautiful will pop over and have a look...good luck x

  3. Had a look at the shop - well done to you, you have worked so hard :)

    Would be interested in a pattern sometime for a skirt - actually I'd love to do a workshop but sadly just too far for me to travel on my own at the moment :(

  4. Hooray, hooray, hooray! The word frock sends me giddy with delight!

  5. I had a browse in your "frock shop" and I love, love, love the fabrics you've used for the skirts. My finger was just about to press the "buy me" button when I decided to check the sizes. You have a 28 inch waist for a size 14 but my waist is 33 inches and I'm a size 14 and I usually buy my skirts from Ness and they're more or less the same shape,so before I press the button I thought I'd best check with your good self, Lucey xx

    1. Hello Sweet Lucey...have emailed you but I had listed the wrong measurements late last night so off to rectify it now Rx

  6. I love your frock shop - all adorable x

  7. Congratulations! Your designs are beautiful. :)

  8. Hello , i do love your work , i saw you at the Harrogate country living show and bought a few things and also joined your bauble making class i am a huge fan xxxx


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