Monday, 25 February 2013


Anyone who knits or crochets will be familiar with the ends of things....little balls of yarn left over from projects but just too nice to get rid.
At the moment I am at war with my ever growing stash of leftovers so there have been a scarf or two created in my bid to be victorious....this is most important as I have banned myself from any further purchases of yarn until I have reduced the pile considerably.

If you have a copy of our book 'GRANNY CHIC' then the scarf above uses the granny puff blanket (without the misplaced coma) recipe. Brilliant if you like a quick fix, it crochets up quickly and makes a rather fetching scarf. I used some of my beloved Vanna's Choice scraps and indeed sighed as I used the last one.

Then there is the organic cottons...I knitted up a few wee tank tops & cardies for Violet when she was born so this is still a scarf in progress with all my leftover cotton. I rather like the way that using different cottons gives some interest to the plain old garter stitch...

And who could resist a pom pom or 2...

Finally I have plans for a pom pom rug but this could take some time and decisions on how to stitch them together so I shall be back soon once I have pondered a way....


  1. now then ... i once upon a time had the very same thoughts about a pom diddly pom rug and pondered deeply about the backing.
    scouting about i found that lots of folk had used rug canvas, the sort used in rag rug making...
    my pom diddly pom rug dreams came to a stop when i considered the almighty mess that six hounds and three cats would create when they ripped apart my prize creation. which they would without a doubt do.
    :) x

  2. Love the scarves ... just going to sort my yarn stash out!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. I have so many small amounts of left over yarn but at the moment they are feeding my obsession of hooking tiny crochet hearts x

  4. Love seeing these. I have just started knitting a scarf using some left over bits and small balls I had but was wondering whether it was really going to look any good. Seeing your part finished scarf has made me feel like I will carry on with mine. x

  5. What a fab stashbuster! I am inspired . . .

  6. Love the ice cream colours in your scarf.

  7. lovely! i especially dig ur pom pommed (is that a word?!) scarf.



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