Tuesday, 31 January 2012



cushion 1



I do like a nice round cushion and these are some of my favourite creations this week…..they will be my first items in my new shop ready & waiting for the grand opening tomorrow…

So if you would like on of these lovely ladies to reside at your abode then pop on over to


Saturday, 21 January 2012


I took myself off on a blustery rainy day to a little haven…..GB antiques in Lancaster to wander, ponder & hope that I could find that little treasure that indeed would make my heart skip…


If you get the chance drop on by you will be glad you did….

Thursday, 19 January 2012


I like to bake fresh bread most days, but sometimes even though quick & part of my routine I simply don’t have time. On these occasions I have 2 recipes that I like to fall back on…. the first a homemade pitta bread & second a quick soda loaf…


So today is one of those days, somehow the morning has slipped away from me & I need to make something to go with the butternut & carrot soup that I’ve cooked up for lunch…

Makes 6-10


350g/3 cups strong bread flour

210mls/1 cup of warm water

15ml/1tbsp olive oil

7.5ml/1.5 tsp. sea salt

5ml/1tsp sugar or honey

7g/1.5 tsp. dried yeast


1. Add all dry ingredients to mixing bowl (i always make my bread in an electric mixer with a dough hook)

2. Add the oil & water into the bowl & mix for 6 mins or so until the ingredients are well mixed and the dough looks silky & smooth

3. Turn into a lightly oiled bowl, cover & leave for about 40mins

4. Divide dough into 6 –10 pieces & shape each one into a ball, cover & leave for 10 mins

5. Preheat the oven to 230/450/Gas 8 & place baking sheets or baking stone into the oven to heat^

6. Flatten each ball with the ball of your hand & roll out into an oval or round until they are about 5mm/1/4”thick

7. Place the pittas onto the heated baking sheets/stone & bake for 5-6 mins until they are puffed up & brown. It is also able to cook these under a hot grill.

8. Cool slightly & serve….


There will be no going back to the vacuumed sealed bits of cardboard once you have savoured these delights…you can also whip a few in the freezer for later just defrost & warm them gently.


The perfect coloured sky
Looking out across the hills
How could this not banish the January doldrums….
A lone bird sings his merry song
As the evening draws in…
Spring is on it’s way oh yes…..welcome my friend

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


As you well know I have a fondness for china..this has got out of hand in recent years & I have had to have a good sort out….. boxing and storing the best part of my collections in the barn until such a time as I can decide what to do with them.…So this year I have indeed set myself a challenge I will only be buying certain types of china…


1. vintage J & G Meakin teacup & saucer, 2. Alfred meakin, rose chartreuse, 3. J&G Meakin 'Summertime' collection, close up!, 4. J&G Meakin blue 'Summertime' flowers

J&G Meakin and Arthur Meakin have a special place in my heart so this year I am only going to buy pieces from the following collections

These are my favourites from the collections known as the crofters pattern in the grace & lyric shapes…very stylised 50’s designs with a lovely grey cross hatched back ground.

Rock Fern


Maid of Honour

Devon Rose

Harvest Field

jug collage

I have fairly good selection of Rock Fern, Summertime & Flamenco but I am very keen to get my mitts on some pieces of Harvest Field, which is a rather pleasant minty green colour.

Harvest Field

Also if I were to stumble across some pieces of Wishing Well which has a charming ballerina design & reminds me of a misspent childhood dreaming of tutu’s…(*ahem* we won’t revisit those memories ever), I would be most happy but due to my thrifty meter hanging just above empty this will be a rather big wish…but i always live in hope & am off to one of my favourite haunts this Friday to jolly my search along…..

Thursday, 12 January 2012


As you can see I am rather partial to the odd faded vintage floral or two especially that of the fabric or china variety but just lately since my little new venture with my dear friend I have been on the lookout for these wonderful vintage postcards..... 

I do like the way they look all lined up straight & proper and they are considerably narrower than today's postcards but of much stronger stuff which is why they are still hanging about looking fancy on my shelf....I also recently acquired some playing cards with rather nice florals on the back but the devil knows where I have put them so I shall say them for another day....

Sunday, 8 January 2012


comfy fireside chair

tweed, barkcloth & vintage tray

smocked cushion & liberty tana lawn goodness

glass cake stands & lampshade collection

As I sip my sunday morning cuppa....my world feels calm....

Friday, 6 January 2012


In a guest house in Herne Bay a child stood full of awe gawping at her grandmothers Aga, this wonderful piece of engineering that churned out perfectly brown cheese toasties, the best steak & kidney pudding, roasties, deliciously crispy bacon and all manner of wholesome goodness....at 5 years old I made a solemn promise that one day I would in fact have an Aga in my abode..

But now my heart has been swayed....this little stove has turned my head, the esse iron heart, quite a title and it seems a much more achievable goal for next year....better measure the fireplace

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Welcome to the 2012 the year of exciting adventures & lots of fabulous stitching, crafting, thrifting & all manner of whatnot to keep you and me amused ....see you soon