Thursday, 29 September 2011


Oh the things you can do with a wee bit of thought & a fabulous fabric

Also made a cushion which was the orginal plan.....

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Have just returned from a little jaunt to collect this little gem...

and there is a perfect spot for it right up close next to the woodburner

All set for a little winter knitting when the nights draw in....and there is a serious need to keep warm.
There is just a little bit of damage on the back...looks like cats have been flexing their claws.
I was thinking the a few patches would do the trick rather than a whole recover as I am rather fond of the mustardy coloured velvet.....

I was also lucky enough to collect this dinky little children's wardrobe earlier in the week & I think with a little scrub & maybe a patch or two of wallpaper inside it will find a rather fitting home in Violet's room....

I have also been pondering painting things with more 'downpipe' grey (F&B) but more of that to come.....

Monday, 19 September 2011


My plans today went a little skew-whiff in regards to purchasing fabric. I did indeed set off with thought of boiled wool for a rather smart new winter coat only to be told that my destination was too far from the airport & we wouldn't be able to visit the lovely Fabworks...

*big sigh*

Plan B

We were however going to drive right past Skipton & the lovely Fent Shop so I insisted that we stop.

So no boiled wool but a lovely brown plaid which any granny would be proud of, a couple of greyish weaves that will be fashioned into my all purpose tunic style dress specifically for wearing with woolly tights & red wellingtons, a dashing laura ashley print with a rather nice blue rose that caught my eye & some fabric destined to be something or other but may spend a while wallowing in the stash.

So what other delights does the Fent Shop have to offer.....Floral prints for interior bits & bobs....a few quilting fabrics mainly old school designs & a range of dressmaking fabric for stitching up the odd outfit or two...

It is tucked away down an alleyway between a newsagent & Subway, so if you find yourself in Skipton it's definitely worth a gander...

Sunday, 18 September 2011


With another tearoom event under my belt makes me realise how much I love baking for other people...dreaming up menus, faffing with the tables, buying waaaay to much china.


the chink of teacups, the chit chat of strangers

Next month will be our last event for the year & it's an extra special one as it includes an introduction to tea & all its delights....then The Secret Teacup will close its doors until next year.

Saturday, 17 September 2011



wooden hanger
fine cotton lawn or voile fabric in ditsy bity prints
cmc paste (wallpaper paste without the fungicide)


1. make your paste up & put to one side

2. chop up you fabric into small pieces

3. dip fabric pieces into paste & let them soak up the gluey goodness

4. put some paste onto the hanger & then take a piece of fabric from the glue & run it between 2 fingers removing excess sticky stuff

5. Start to wrap tightly around the hanger, smoothing as you go

6. When you have completely covered the hanger run you hands over the fabric smoothing any lumps, bumps or loose ends

7. Hang somewhere where you can admire as it dries

You may wish to protect your hanger with a coat of shiny varnish but it will be perfectly happy as it is & reversible just in case you should want a change!

If you get really carried away grab a jar or tin & get pasting....

Friday, 16 September 2011


Since the announcement that Liberty were releasing a sewing book I have been itching to get my hands on a copy...October seemed like an age & there were tempting snippiets on the Liberty blog which made my heart beat just a little faster...

So when the lovlies at Quadrille sent me a copy to review I was just more than a bit pleased....I was also not disappointed as I flicked through the pages.

Even before you open the book the perfectly matt fabric cover is a triumph & I could even remove the barcode sticker on the back (a little piece of label ugliness) leaving the covers unblemished.

Opening the cover there is page after page of lovely prints before you even make it to the projects...& oh the projects from everything from cushion covers, wash bags, book covers & kimono's.

Immediately on my list of to do's is the Rose cushion & the Brick Quiilt. I shall also be making some of the rose corsages for the school christmas fair as I think they would make a great little pressie that every mum should like to recieve in her stocking.

Then my absolutely favourite bit of the book waits for you at the back few & description of many of the prints. There are a few I didn't know the names of & now I am most happy that i do but i wish for a book that would infact list all the liberty prints that would be a book to behold.

I also hear whispering along the grapevine that Liberty will be launching a limited collection of hand-sewn projects from the book & sewing classes featuring the book as part of the Liberty Sewing School on Sept 25th.....these are the times that I wish I lived nearer the big smoke!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


After weeks of prep, illness, bad backs, 40th birthday & other such whatnot the day I had been so excited about finally house was going to be photographed by Debi Treloar. I have admired Debi's work for the longest time & was really not disappointed.
I cannot spill the beans to why or what the shoot was about but I spent a really lovely day with Debi & Yasia.

My snapshots on the other hand pale into insignificance as usual but i wanted to record the spic & spanliness of my house as I very much doubt it will be quite this lovely for quite sometime.

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Good Advice for Knitters by Erika Knight

What a wonderful little book, jam packed with delightful quotes & various knitty sayings.

With Christmas rapidly approaching I think this sweet little book is an ideal present for both novice or experienced knitter, this book combines good solid advice & tips to get anyone out of a knitty tangle. Whether it be a dropped stitch or the daunting task of a lacey pattern & even gives some excellent advice about blocking which is still a step I tend to skip & really shouldn't but i am keen to try the dunk & pin method.

There is also a selection of previously unpublished quotes from a whole host of knitters well known in the world of wool & clackity clacking needles....

There are interesting facts about the theraputic effects of knitting giving your the perfect come back line for when you have been knitting all day & neglecting everything else on your to do list because you had to finish this row, side or complete blanket & haven't washed, dressed, fed the cats or cooked the dinner....oh & forgot to pick the kids up from school!

And come on who could resist the peachy perfect purply matt cover......

The book will be available from Nov 2011 for the excellent price £4.99.....

Friday, 9 September 2011


Miss your marching about
Miss your cockadoodle noodle ways
Miss your over protective ways as you hussle the 'girls' into their beds at night
Miss you calf pecking ways
Miss your stand off's with Stanley on the lawn
Miss your cheeky inviting yourself to tea inside & out

Cheerio Burt we miss you already x

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Today I am 40
Waffles for breakfast
Bagged a fabulous cupboard from the charity shop
Had lovely cake & chats with a wonderful friend
Ate my favourite dinner Steak & Chips
Playing family games whilst sipping bubbles & scoffing crisps
Birthday's are good
Here's to another 40

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Now this is a tale of a most wonderful blog & inspirational lady who now has opened a lovely shop selling the nicest of yarns.....

 Now I like acrylic yarn, it means I can have nicely coloured stashes....
put my makings in the washing machine when a certain dog has been sneaking a quick nap & it doesn't cost the earth.
 The stylecraft colours are mostly ok but not always the tone or shade I would so desire....

But if my computer googles haven't decieved me there are some lovely shades here that are perfect for filling that gap...So if you follow the lovely Yvestown you will know her shop is OPEN for businness & she is offering a 5% discount for this week only..

Use SHOP5OFF upon checkout..

Obviously I made an order straight away as with the wintry chills approaching rapidly my hook & needles will be clicking away......

Sunday, 4 September 2011


There is a really exciting new project going on in Skipton....

Goodbye to fast fashion & Welcome to Quality & Craftsmanship

Birdcage seeks to revive the lost art of the granny, those skills passed on down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter, embrace the make do & mend culture and create a community where people can learn new skills and share the ones they already have


Fashion for Individuals
Engage Local
Revival of Craftmanship

There are two aspects of the space

Birdcage will be SELLING
Pre loved fashion, Accessories & Jewellery
Upcycled & Customised Pieces
Locally Made Goods

Birdcage will be DOING
Skills workshops - sewing, making, crafting
Artisan Crafts
Making new treasure from old trash
Alterations, Repairs & Dress making
Life laundry
Personal Shopping

If you are interested in this excting new project whip over the FACEBOOK & join their group.
Details of the The Grand Opening are HERE hope to see you there.

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Now usually I like a nice plain hardwearing jute rug, but just lately I have been having a bit of a browse around trying to find a little inspiration for my floors...and who would of thought I would have stumbled across such a lovely selection all in one place.

Garden Sketch Rug - Urban Outfitters

I don't like to buy new things, goes against the grain but I haven't yet in all my time of searching come across any kind of rug in a charity or secondhand store that I would like to adorn my walkways or one that didn't look like it had spent the last months of its life furnishing a dog kennel.

Rose Floral Rug - Urban Outfitters

So I was most excited when Urban Outfitters rug collection caught my eye. I have no idea why on earth I was on the website as its not somewhere I frequent but I was & I clicked on 'RUGS' & now it in my bookmarked pages!

All I have decide now is which one should I buy......?

Thursday, 1 September 2011


After over 20 years of trusty service my trusty old machine is enjoying a well earned rest...waiting for a certain young lady to get the itch to stitch


One of my favourite things about flickr is when you get a alerted to a snippet of something you've been included in & you adore all the other images that accompany it....
I was recently included in this July fav's collection by i n i m i n i which was lovely but the greatest thing was I really love all the other pics & I probably wouldn't of come across them myself

July Favorites
1. The Outlaw Maraschino Jones, 2. My brand new iPhone in my case!, 3. Skipper Comma Butterfly, 4. hester & hetty, 5. Untitled, 6. La forza della natura, 7. hugs with a bear, 8. it's you, 9. Untitled, 10. beary cute pancakes., 11. More Friends, 12. He would do anything..., 13. new cozy spot., 14. Gossamer, 15. Kandy, 16. Copenhague, 17. Max & Ruby, 18. Crochet and felt forest fungi, 19. Entomology-69, 20. indian girls in sari paper dolls, 21. Johannisbeeren mit Steinen, 22. 幸福的色彩, 23. like strands of pearls, fresh white currant berries, 24. 高雄的山, 25. Honey
So don't ever be shy about sharing pics about things you have made, done, bought, tripped over because someone out there will find it an inspiration & may even get cogs turning & give them a shove in the right direction.....