Sunday, 28 August 2011


For those of you not yet caught in the sticky web of Pinterest I suggest that you skip straight over there & get yourself an account....Its a fab resource that for me is like a giant scrap book of all the things I swoon over whilst flicking through the www on those quiet moments before the rabble get up.

With just one click you can pin any image you like & it will save it for you on one of your 'boards' crediting where it has been found & a link to that site....

But for now here are a few fav's from my trusty old Flickr account which will always be No 1 in my heart

Friday, 26 August 2011


You know me itchy feet & all that a room doesn't stay the same in this house for very long at all & just lately there is much secrecy & skulduggery afoot so I have been getting on with a few jobs that needed finishing....mainly the lounge which I have avoided due to the hideously ugly gargantuan TV that is residing there starring at me hatefully in all its black ugliness....
Anyway moving swiftly on, I have painted the floor removing the orangey tones of the varnished wood & it now has a rather lovely Charleston Grey jacket, a colour I am told was favoured by the Bloomsbury set...
more of that liberty mischief
The table that just keeps hanging around despite my bestest efforts to get rid had a lovely new Liberty number which makes it slightly more appealing & I am currently pondering the window adornments...
a few more patches....
To be honest the room is feeling a little empty & needs an extra something...don't you think. I am wondering whether a large collection of trays displayed across the wall may do the trick but I am lacking in creative thinking today so I shall ponder a little more....
coming along
All suggestions will be gratefully recived & consider with the upmost care

thank you for all my lovely comments I have come up with a solution that I am happy with for now...I do really need a rug but its finding one that I actually like! pics soon rxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


After a few weeks of finding virtually nothing at all on my charity shop jollies yesterday I decided to pop by one of my favoured places to bargain hunt & I wasn't disappointed.

Contrary to popular belief charity shops in affluent towns do NOT have the best stuff, not if you are interested in finding real gems, vintage or otherwise. I guess if you want laminated floors & per una cast offs then the above statement would be true but these items are not for me.

Part of yesterday's haul included

a bag of hand crocheted linen's & pillowcases
5 lampshades of various sizes
a couple of stools
a lovely tin filled with vintage buttons
3 rolls of wallpaper
2 pairs of sugar tongs..

So tell me where are your favourite charity shops and are you are box rummager too?

Monday, 8 August 2011


Whipped out my photo & snapped away....perfect verges

Wouldn't it be lovely if all verges were as pretty as these

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Well they made it all the way to Camp Bestival & I wonder who wiped their chops on them......


For the entire story from start to finish visit

Msmarmite's glorious account of her underground restaurant at Camp Bestival

Monday, 1 August 2011


For those of you that have read this blog before know about our escapades with bees. Last year I attended a beekeeping course, got a nuc of bees, dealt with all the things that aren't supposed to happen & unfortunately lost them in the spring, which was just plain awful.

So this year we started again with 2 Nucs....already we have been splitting, reuniting, preventing swarming & hoping for honey....

We weren't disappointed. Our first batch was spun at the weekend. Oh the excitment & the anticipation as we slurrped our first taste....Hope they make some more.