Saturday, 30 July 2011


I love liberty print...yes all of them to some degree although there are a few that well i think are a little sketchy but needless to say I like them all.
I am always dreaming up ways of using my collection of tana lawn especially the smaller pieces (I keep every little bit...) and recent projects have included lampshades, table legs, picture frames, book covers & a rather smart dog neckerchief that was cast rudely aside in the pursuit of Burt the Cockerel......

So I guess that you won't be surprised to hear that I had dreamed up the notion of covering my fridge.....yes my little old freegle fridge that came to us in our hour of need & has been chugging along ever since.
Said fridge had been looking very scruffy sitting under the worktop & my original thoughts lead to fablon....hmmmm no fake wood grain for me or industrial stainless steel design or those nasty flowers that really don't make it into the granny hall of fame

So on hatching the plan my first thought was how do I protect such a project as for obvious reasons it will need to be wiped down several if not dozens of times a day especially with school holiday sticky fingers on the i researched transparent vinyl & found this excellent seller on ebay of all places.

So print chosen...Betsy E - cut to size with extra to reposition
Vinyl purchased
Fridge door scrubbed & cleaned
Paste made
Sharp scalpel blade in safe place

Set to work......
1. cover the fridge in lots of paste
2. position fabric onto door & brush on more paste really working it in smoothing out as you go ( a bit like hanging wallpaper)
3.With Very sharp, clean not rusty blade trim the edges
4.Leave to dry overnight
5. Once dry peel & inch or two of backing from the top of the vinyl & carefully line it up onto your fridge, pull backing downwards carefully smoothing with a dry cloth as you go
6. trim excess vinyl & rub rub rub to make sure is has completely stuck down...

Hey Hey Liberty print fridge Whoop

I do believe my next project could be the front of the shed or the caravan...just need to buy one first ;)

Sadly the photos are crappity crap & don't show my lovely fridge in all its glory & the room is rather dark & the iphone camera not too hot I may take some with the 'proper' camera & pop them on Flickr for all to see....

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I've been a fan of the burda magazine since I started to sew over 30 years ago, my aunt, a wonderful seamstress  used to have a stash of them & I used to love flicking through them, eyes on stalks, amazed that it you could fathom out the pattern then you could in fact make your own clothes...(I came from a household where sewing on a button that stayed on was about the level of expertise in the stitchery department).

So I do buy them from time to time if there is something I fancy making.... My latest edition I spied this lovely simple shift dress and in my size so no grading up the pattern pheww...

So armed with crazy paving pattern, tracing paper & nerves of steel, I fashioned my pattern, remembering to add my seam allowances (believe me the times I've forgotten) cut the fabric & I'm currently stitching away.....hopefully to be finished in the next couple of days.

Next on the agenda, this little lot is going to transform my fridge door so pop back soon for I have promised some folk on twitter a tutorial....

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Heavenly hooking sneaked in for a minute or two whilst Violet had a nap...

What more can I say

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Its been quite a time & this little blog has been feeling quite left out since I have been spending all my time over at

Yesterday I treated myself to some fabric to make myself a couple of comfy dresses for the slightly warmer than winter weather we are so lucky to be having at the moment. 

 I'm also really looking forward to breaking into my liberty stash which I have been mooning over for several weeks... as well as lisette pattern that I bought when they were first on sale but i still haven't got round to making. So many things.....not enough hours!