Wednesday, 20 April 2011

potager, bee garden & other such stuff

It's not often that we get a run of such lovely weather in Yorkshire so I'm outside at every possible moment....this means very little computer time.
A catch up is needed me thinks. So over a well earned & extremely welcome cuppa tea I grabbed my camera & snapped a few shots....

I have been working on a Potager in the little space outside the kitchen, as well as a bee border at the end of the garden.

After laying out my bits of string I set to work digging the beds...not an easy task with all the wretched stones just under the surface....

The chicken have also had to be locked away due to their nuisance ways...totally getting in the way & hogging all the worms & standing on the piece of ground that I needed to dig!

The small herb bed at the centre was planted up & included various plants including Rosemary, Hyssop, Curry plant, Lavender, Caraway, Sorrel Mint & Parsley that I hope will survive & be useful in the kitchen as well & provide a little something for the bees.

Talking of bees I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my 2 new nucs & a lovely hive that I purchased from Peak Hives down in Derbyshire...I am already browsing my earthborn bee friendly paint samples & am thinking woodsmoke but may go for simple & ever popular white!

and just for good measure before I pop off here's one of the lovely blossom....spring is truly here..