Wednesday, 17 November 2010

pastures new

We finally got the keys to our new abode on Monday...this gives us 2 weeks to get as much decorating done as possible before we move in for good....A huge task I hear you gasp.

I am starting on Violets room as she will be most affected by the move & needs her sleep (plus I need her to sleep otherwise no work can be done!)

Unfortunately instead of letting these old walls breathe everything is covered in wallpaper (peeling off) & some strange glossy paint in a variety of quite yucky colours. So my first job is to strip all the walls, stablize the flaky bits (pva & water solution works a treat) & get my cornforth white brush out.

I had planned to be very strict with myself & finish one room before starting another....hmmmmm well i did quaver for a moment & branishing my hammer & screwdriver uncovered this little gem (it is the nest room on the list)

right off to get more paint in my hair & aching limbs
see you all soon

Friday, 12 November 2010

new vigor

Welcome to the Tales of Ted & Agnes.....
We will soon be moving to a shabby old farmhouse in desperate need of love & care so follow the adventures here....see you soon